Heat Treating Services

Bright Hardening of Stainless Steel

Heat treating process done in a protective environment to prevent high-temperature oxidation and de-carburization, as well as to maintain brightness on the surface.

Bright Annealing of Stainless Steel-

Heat treating process in which a metal is heated and cooled in an inert atmosphere to inhibit oxidation. By using this process the surface remains relatively bright.

Copper & Silver Brazing

Case Hardening

A process of surface hardening involving a change in the outer layer of steel alloy by inward diffusion from a gas or liquid followed by appropriate thermal treatment. Typical hardening processes are carburizing, carbo-nitriding and nitriding.

Annealing of Copper & Brass

Stress Relieving

Heat treat process consisting of heating steel below the transformation temperature to relieve internal stresses (from processes such as forming, machining or welding) followed by slow cooling.

Hardening of all types of Tool Steels

Heat treat process which increases hardness by heating and cooling. The formation of martensite in alloy when quenched rapidly from a temperature above the transformation temperature. Hardening of steels is done to increase the strength and wear properties. One of the pre-requisites for hardening is sufficient carbon and alloy content. If there is sufficient carbon content then the steel can be directly hardened.

Age Hardening